Friday, June 5, 2009

On the Balcony - Oils - 46 x 60 cm

I have a friend who has a young and beautiful daughter . One Sunday while they were visiting I noticed her on the balcony and as I looked up at her I thought that it would make a lovely subject for a painting . I asked her to hold it right there and I rushed to get my camera .
She obliged by striking a few poses for me . This painting is the result .
Later while here mother who is also a beautiful woman , was helping her do her hair after a dip in our pool I managed to get a few more shots of them both and I did this painting of them both later
Hairdressers - Oils 50 x 75 cm

Story time - Oil painting by Barry Jackson
Oil on canvas - 59cm x 47cm

In ‘Story time’ my latest oil painting, I’m trying to capture the memories I have of my children when they were glued on my wife’s side during the daily routine of bed time story.

Reading to children is important for so many thing reasons; it develops the child’s appetite for reading, stimulates creativity, improves memory… I’m sure there are scientific studies spanning years to prove and disprove various theories.

This painting was done from photo’s and sketches taken (and made) while on holiday in Pletenberg Bay (on the Garden Route of South Africa). The light filtering through the window of hour beachfront suite was just perfect, and the models for the painting are my daughter and my 5 year old grandson.

To me story time is about the bond develops between parent and child and I’ve tried to put that into this painting.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gems bok - watercolour by Barry Jackson

Watercolour on paper
The gemsbok is another of those enigmatic animals that, like the bushman, can survive in areas in the world which are seemingly devoid of water.
Some useless information - Gemsbok weigh in at around 250kg and can run at speeds approaching 60 Km/h (37 m/h)
Interestingly the gemsbok was introduced into the Tularosa Basin, USA in 1969 where thrives - 93 were originally released and the population there is estimated at around 3000.

Caracul - Watercolour by Barry Jackson

Watercolour on paper
The caracul is one of the most elusive of the wild cats, its a treat and a privilege to see one in the wild.

Bushman Spear fishing - watercolour painting by Barry Jackson

Bushman Spear fishing
Watercolour on Paper
The 'Bushman' is the indigenous inhabitant of the greater Karoo - with traditional grounds spanning across the entire southern Africa continent, from the Cape to the outer limits of Botswana.
Bushmen or 'San' are gentle nomads adept at living off the roughest and most baron lands in the world.
This is a watercolour done from reference photos and sketches done in the field.